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After years of playing music together John and Mike are taking a break from Chip and the Chowderheads to work on some different projects.  Thanks to all of you for your support and we hope to see you out and about enjoying John and Mike's new endeavors. 

Click here to find out more about John's new band HopHead and his solo shows.

Click here to email Mike and find out what he's up to.




Hey we've got a real special event coming up on Feb. 20th.  We'll be playing at the Boulder Theater for the closing party of the Boulder International Film Festival. Click here for details.

As always, go to recent shows to see pictures and listen to tunes, we've got some great stuff up from Sancho's and the Little Bear.


This just in...........  Hey everyone,  the Colorado Daily ran a nice article about the band.
Read it here.


Hey Chowderheads, Happy New Year.  2004 was a good year and we hope 2005 will be even better.
We've got some gigs coming up in the next few weeks at Sancho's in Denver, the Little Bear in Evergreen and the Catacombs in Boulder as well as a couple of acoustic gigs at the Cannon Mine and the Mead St. Station.  Go to Schedule for all the details.

The Most exciting thing going right now is our new website!  At first glance it may not look too different but it is, it really is.  The major difference is that we've got tons more space so we'll be able to put lots more cool things on the site.  Also we have upgraded all music clips to 128kbps MP3s, which just means that they are higher quality and sound better.  There is extra music all over the place (check out the recent shows for example). This is the first time we have been able to post an entire set of music (Catacombs 12/3.4/04) and we even have some video footage from the second annual Frozen Dead Guy Days.  So explore, have fun and let us know what you think.






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