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Well Mike's been so busy changing diapers, distinguishing the subtle nuanced differences between fine single malt Scotch whiskies and whatnot that he hasn't been able to post anything.  So I'm doing it for him.
Here's one of Mike's tunes which is a mainstay of our live shows.  It's called Rudi the Cat and it's about, well a cat named Rudi.  Of course it's about alot of other things too 'cause we're artists and we use stuff like metaphors to comment on life.  So email Mike and tell him what you think and what your favorite single malt is.

Listen to Rudi the Cat

Here's Mike's arrangement of Hungry Heart from the October Cannon Mine show.

Listen to Hungry Heart

This is a rough mix of a song from the new studio CD we are working on.

Listen to Forgive Me


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