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So, there's this Norwegian dude who froze his grandfather in a Tuffshed in his backyard in Nederland Colorado.   Y'all know about Grandpa right?  Well I'll put a couple of links below that you can follow for more info.  Allright so you're up to speed now.  Now see the movie!

The Beeck sisters (Award winning documentarians from Boulder CO)have released a new feature length version of their fine documentary film, Grandpa's in the Tuffshed at the festival. Entitled, of course, Grandpa's Still in the Tuffshed.(Follow the link below to their website)  We recorded some new music for the updated film, click on the link above to listen to our new version of Grandpa's in the Tuffshed.  The video linked above is unauthorized footage from the Second Annual Grandpa's Ball at the Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival.

Frozen Dead Guy Days  

Robin Beeck Films
Untitled Document